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Join with us at Linux Foundation Public Health

How open source development provides a roadmap for digital trust, security, safety, and virtual work

Driving Compatibility with Code and Specifications through Conformance Trademark Programs 

Open Source Communities and Trademarks: A Reprise

Understanding US export controls with open source projects

SPDX Specification Becomes the Second ISO/IEC JTC 1 Submission From JDF

Accelerating Open Standards development with Community Specifications


New training course aims to make it easy to get started with EdgeX Foundry

New Kubernetes Security Specialist certification to help professionals demonstrate expertise in securing container-based applications

New training course teaches Kubernetes application management with Helm

Diversity & Inclusion



FinOps Joins Linux Foundation

Open Mainframe Project: Zowe LTS and updated Conformance Program

Zephyr Project: Critical milestones in security and project maturity

LF Edge: State of the Edge and Edge Computing World is Looking for Recipients for the Second Annual Edge Woman of the Year Award.

Read the
 industry-defining white paper that outlines open source edge computing across telecom, industrial, enterprise and consumer markets. 

Node.js: Using TensorFlow.js and Node-RED with image recognition applications 

CNAB: A Package format for the cloud

LF AI 2020 Midyear Review and Acumos Demeter release

Academy Software Foundation’s OpenEXR and OpenCue projects celebrate one year

CNCF: Introducing the new Technology Radar

Hyperledger Fabric v2.2 is now available and is the next long-term support (LTS) release for the project. Also, learn how Mindtree revolutionized loyalty platforms and merchant onboarding with Hyperledger Fabric via this new case study

Bell Canada automates a significant amount of manual configuration, recovery, and provision work by using ONAP in production across multiple use cases

5G Cloud Native Network PoC nominated as “Finalist” in Leading Lights Award in “Most Innovative 5G Strategy” Category

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