June 29 - July 2, 2020
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Blog: Building a sustainable open source community: training and certifications

Success Story: Linux training helps network analyst transition to open source solutions

Cloud: The all new cloud engineer bootcamp takes you from beginner to certified cloud engineer!

Node.js: New application development course

Jenkins: Free introductory training course now available


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June 22 - 25 - Free
June 23 - 24 - Free
July 2 -  25USD
July 8 - Free
June 29 - July 2 - 50USD
July 15 -16 - Free (For AGL Members)


Linux Foundation: Building a successful open source community: How coordination and facilitation helps projects scale and mature

LF Networking: ONAP’s 6th Release, ‘Frankfurt,’ is Now Available: The Most Comprehensive, Secure and Collaborative Software to Accelerate 5G Deployments

LF Energy is hosting a free webinar with Jono Bacon on building community

3MF Consortium is hosting a free webinar on Additive Manufacturing and its new Secure Content Specification

Hyperledger launched its 16th project, Cactus and published a new case study Trust Your Supplier on faster, more secure vendor onboarding through blockchain

ODPi: Egeria at two years old showcases community growth, faster release velocity, and focus on code quality!

ELISA Project momentum continues with community growth and engagement, coupled with new member support, offer additional approaches for assessing safety in applications using Linux

EdgeX Foundry Hits Major Milestone with 5 Million+ Container Downloads and a New Release that Simplifies Deployment for AI and Data Analytics

Zephyr RTOS was recently evaluated by the NCC Group, a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation. Learn more about the security assessment and Zephyr’s response in this blog by Zephyr Project Governing Board member Joel Stapleton

Why have so many of the world’s most important open source efforts come to the Linux Foundation? 

Through our experience helping the world's most important communities, we have developed support programs that enable communities to grow engagement and adoption.

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